Zippered reviews

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You can tell this product is high quality as soon as your hold it. Has a nice weight and feel, and ample holding pockets including one for a tablet. It comes with a nice blank notepad that stays holstered within vertically, but I bought an At-a-Glance weekly/monthly planner to go with it instead to accomodate my scheduling needs. It fits in perfectly; my only concern was that I assumed this planner's plastic backing would be able to slide in horizontally to keep it from sliding around on the inside. Unfortunately, there is only a slot to hold a notebook that slides in from either the top or bottom (see photos). Not a huge deal (I'm sure I can rig is somehow), but keep it in mind if you're thinking about buying a separate planner for this guy. Otherwise, it's a fantastic product!
This portfolio is as big as possible to be comfortable, functonable and stylish. It holds an iPad in it's own case with the keyboard, office supplies like paper clips, scissors, etc, mail, note pads, specific spots for business cards and drivers' license as well. It comes in a shiny black box, making it perfect for gift wrapping or protective storage. It has all the features and more than described. I'm very satisfied.
Beth Anderson
I've seen other people outside with something like this but i didn't know what it was called so i started looking up office products. I just wanted something easy to carry where i have my pens,notepads,magazines and documents in. It's very sturdy, high quality and can fit into any bags i've used to carry while traveling so far. I have no complaints other than a minor issue with the pen holders where it leaves a small indentation due to the pocket clip on my pens. I'll be on the lookout for other products from this company.
Took about a week for shipping confirmation, then it was here the next day. I got nervous when I didn't get a shipping confirmation within the first few days, but let me tell ya, WELL worth the wait (though the wait truly was only a week and a day from order to receipt)! I love this padfolio! I'm a social worker always on the go and have lots of documents to take with me, and this padfolio handles all of it wonderfully! I looked and debated for a long time about which one to get. I was unsure of the zippers, thinking all my stuff would break them, but no issues. And all my stuff stays put, no more falling out as I fumble in and out of my car with everything. And, it's beautiful! The only thing I'll add will be a 5-8 tab divided folder to keep my documents separated. It came in a heavy duty box to keep it safe within the shipping box. You'd think I paid A LOT more for this thing! I'll be going through Wundermax again. Plus, I love that they contribute to the undeserved population! A company after my own heart!
Deanna Hall
I have only just received this portfolio, but it seems extremely well-made and thoughtfully designed. My iPad fits securely in an interior pocket with a velcro closure and my iPhone fits in a zippered pocket. That leaves pockets for papers or magazines, slots for business cards, credit cards, hotel key cards, etc. The leather is soft and supple and one side of the portfolio has no seams at all, so a person could close it and use it as a writing surface. The front has a nice trim-looking slot for things like plane tickets that a person would want quick access to. I can even remove the notebook and put my notebook computer there instead. I love it! I think I can use this instead of a briefcase, which was my intent.
Dr B
I purchased this for my son as a Christmas Present. He is a detective and needed one of these for his work. I have used similar products for my entire professional career so my wife made me pick out the one for my son. I looked at many different portfolios and read many reviews and descriptions. This one was a little more expensive but I liked the description. I will say that when I received it I felt like it was well built, had nice features for business cards, small pockets for storage and writing utensils. It just gave me the impression of a well built and long lasting portfolio. So, based on that I have given this a 5 star review.
Old Soldier
Nice padfolio. The materials have a good feel, it has plenty of space and pockets to organize documents and tablet, and it looks very professional. It comes in a classy looking black box. An excellent feature if one wants to give it as a gift. My story doesn't end here. Within days of using it I noticed a small nick along the sewing. I responded to an email from Wundermax (asking for customer feedback) with two pictures. They got back to me the next day an offered to send me a new padfolio, which I got within two days. In summary, the product is very good, I'm extremely satisfied with it, and Wundermax is providing outstanding customer service.
This is a great product. It arrived on time and as expected and the packaging was impressive. I was initially looking for a real leather folio but the price was just not worth it to me. You, of course, may have a different view. But I can tell you this much; You will be hard pressed to tell this is not "real" leather. Nice heavy duty zipper, loads of pocket space and a really good size. It will easily fit a mobile phone or a tablet. I have a 6" tablet that fits with no problem whatsoever. If you're looking for an attractive and functional folio that you won't mind taking everywhere this might be what you are looking for. A coworker spotted it and gave me a compliment and inquired where he could get one. I'm very pleased with the quality of this product and would highly recommend it.
M. Brown
Since this is new, I can only comment on my initial thoughts and observations. The item comes in a very well protected box. The zipper is smoothe and the interior is well laid out. It has a pad of paper on the right side already (Not lined paper) and two good size pen/marker holders. There are two slots on the left side that keep papers secure, though the front one is a bit more shallow than the rear slot. Overall, It is a great item with a lot of features including a business name card holder and several slots for cards/credit cards.
R. Bond
I bought this specifically because there was a video showing how it can be used left handed. I love it! I have everything set up so that I can comfortably use it with me left hand. It fits my iPad with a case/key board attached to it! I do wish the pen loop closest to the zipper was more centered on the padfolio, my pen doesn’t seem super secure. And I am bummed the the logo is upside down when I am using it. I wish there was a way to add a second zipper too so that I could put the zipper(s) on the bottom instead of the top. These are minuscule things when I think about how difficult it was to use my old one that was right handed only.
I don't work in the world of suits and ties, but on the rare occasion I need something more professional looking to carry documents (interviews, personal business transactions, continuing education or dreaded meetings with admin ;) etc), this portfolio will be perfect. There's enough storage that I don't have to tote an additional purse around for a meeting: my cell (and/or tablet), pens, cards all fit. Comes in a quality, sturdy gift box lovely for gift giving and suitable for repurposing. Comes with a pad of paper with unlined pages and and some sticky notes. Highly recommend.
Mad Hatter
I replaced my old portfolio which I use at work with this one and I am very happy with it! I like the separate compartment for files on the left and the right hand notebook side where I can have my immediate cases visible. It holds everything I need in a professional looking and easy to carry manner. The zippered enclosure has saved me on a number of occasions from things falling out. All in all, it's become a part of my daily process in meeting with others that's a better to than before.
Mr. Rich
Once I received this padfolio I knew it was made with very high quality standards. The packing itself will tell you a great deal about the makers and how important it is to deliver a high quality product. I've owned several padfolio's from corporate promotional branded ones to Franklin Covey styles. I love the layout and well thought out features. It doesn't have too many pockets, just the right amount. Feels great and can even hold an IPad (without case as it will be too tight w/an IPad w/case). The price is extremely fair compared to others I've seen on Amazon. Highly recommend this product.
Steven Brown
I haven't opened this yet since it is a gift yet Amazon is asking me to review this around Christmas time because that makes sense, but I am already giving it the highest overall rating due to expectations and I am bored at work so I am completing mind numbing tasks trying to look busy on my computer while the people in charge walk past my office glaring at me with pride at what a hard worker I am. That was quite the run on sentence. If this gift lives up to my expectations I will buy another and walk around the office with it in my arm so I always look busy.
Thomson H
I've used this folio for about 5 months now. It's very nice, but I didn't anticipate how thick it would be. It takes up a lot of room in my briefcace. I thought this would be a benefit because it could hold a lot, but am finding it holds much more than I need besides my writing pad. I think it's an excellent product but ended up being too spacious for my needs.
Seems to be an amazingly well made padfolio. No weird smell etc, and comes well packaged. I bought this as a gift for my dad. It will fit everything he needs to carry for work, however, I am concerned that it won't hold his yellow file folders. The inside pocket technically holds them but right now it is a super tight fit (will add another star once this concern is remedied). I am hoping that when he receives it for Christmas that it will loosen the more he uses it.
I've had this portfolio/padfolio for about 3 weeks now. In that time it seems to be holding up pretty well. There are plenty of pockets for folders and other items. The zippered pocket is great for items that need to be secured and there are plenty of pen holders (3 total). The only complaint I have is the pens held on the left side of the portfolio dig into the legal pad when its closed. Not a big deal, but at least one page on my legal pad is not usable when I open it up. This could be easily remedied on my part, just haven't figured out how to do so yet. Overall though, great product.
I have had this portfolio for about a week now. I really like it a lot. It has a lot of space to put extra papers or handout. It has a nice pocket to put resume in. It also came with a note book to take notes, and two bookmarks with post-it notes and post-it tabs to mark a page in a book. The only problem I have is the notebook that came with it. The notebook is the one in the picture and it works, but the paper is a little thin for me. I tend to write with a sharpie pens and they might bleed through the paper.
This thing is seriously well made. I work in a rough environment, full of steel grating concrete slabs, rear everywhere, and I've put my portfolio through the ringer, and it still looks brand new. Really pleased with my purchase, and would absolutely buy one of these as a gift for anybody in school or business in need of one.
I wanted to get a folio with a nice look and feel, with inner and outer compartments and a zipper so that misc. stuff wouldn't fall out. I've been using this for a year now to keep notes and other things close to me every day. I would have stopped using it quickly if it didn't cut it, and this one is good and continues to be useful. I would even go for a zippered padfolio that was larger, with more places to stash cards and notes and file folders, etc.
Colin L. Miller
I love this! I just received it today and it far exceeded my expectations. I have been looking around locally for something similar but couldn't find exactly what I wanted and everything was at least twice as much as this portfolio. This seems to be made with quality material, a compartment for everything, and arrived in a very nice box to keep from damage during shipment. I highly recommend this product!
This product was so much nicer than I expected it to be for the price ($26.99 when I purchased it). It comes shipped in a sturdy box. The leather is a soft matte. It has a sturdy, quality feel to it. One of the interior pockets is padded, which is great for an iPad or tablet. There are more compartments on the inside than I know what to do with. Definitely meets my needs and then some!
K. Collins
Fantastic padfolio and also fantastic customer service. Quality padfolio and appears to be of great construction. Many useful pockets and much better than many other competitors. I am very satisfied with the product. I had a minor quality control issue with the product - contacted their service department and they were quick to remediate the issue. I was surprised as to how responsive they were - do not hesitate to buy from them!
Hi... last week I ordered a couple portfolios... I was attracted to the product because of its design and it looked like it would meet my needs. I really liked it that your description showed how convenient it is for left-handed people... two of my users are left-handed. when I received my initial order, I was so pleased with the product, that I ordered four (4) more portfolios....they will be Christmas gifts. I really like the product, it's design, its quality and it's presentation in a box with soft cloth wrapping. Well done! Oh one more thing... I received my orders within about 36 hours!
C. K. Miller
When I received it I was surprised with how well it was packaged. Ot was slightly larger than I was thinking but it ended up working out for the best (I double up on everything). I've taken this to work and it has made even the higher up bosses take notice and comment that not only does it look nice but it gives me a more professional look. I would highly recommend this to anyone and everyone.
Good quality product. It may be a little on the large side for some, but I like the extra space. There is room to stick a few file folders in if needed. The main reason for purchasing was the inside zippered pockets. In my old one, I had stuff always sliding out of those side pockets. I am hoping the outside zipper holds up. That is what usually fails on the cheaper padfolios I have purchased in the past.
Michigan Guy
We bought this as a graduation gift for a friend who has just earned her Master's in Accounting and passed her CPA exam. It was perfect! It looks very professional and has enough pockets in the interior to hold paper. pen, business cards and everything else she'll need for interviews. I just wish I had had enough time to get it engraved.
Les Duncan
I have never had a Wundermax product before. It came in a presentation box. Its about 11/2" thick, and very substantial. The leather is padded. I don't write many reviews, but I was blown away with this unit. Highly recommend it!
Bought for the man in my life.. he is contractor and needs a place for his paperwork he hauls with him. Hasn't been in use long. But have to say it came beautifully packaged in a giftbox...Very expensive looking both the box and portfolio... Portfolio is soft not hard and stiff feeling. Very nice... plesently surprised at the quality all around. He almost thought it was too nice. Looks like it will last a long time.
D Knut
The product is just like the pictures shown. The packaging was actually very nice and sturdy. The padfolio itself seems very well made and very spacious to hold just about anything you could need for day to day office use or for interviews. Even fully extended this could easily fit into a bag or briefcase. The leather is well conditioned and there isn't a strong smell of chemicals like other padfolios of a similar nature.
I had been looking for the right pad folio for quite awhile - I lost my personal favorite, and searched for a new one for ~6 months. While still missing it, this is the first one that meets my needs. It holds the pads I like, it carries enough pens, and it meets the balance I wanted between professional and everyday. I especially like the zippered compartments, which let me tuck small things in that I don't want to misplace. It also carries my iPad Pro nicely when I don't want its thick case.
P Valesco
This padfolio is very nicely made and it came really beautifully packaged in an embossed black box. There are two things that were disappointing, one I knew about when I placed my order. There is no handle on the spine, which I prefer. But I was able to fix this with a wide ribbon. Secondly, when you turn the padfolio and switch the tablet so it can be used lefthanded, the outside pocket that should be on the front is now on the back. All considered I am very happy with my purchase.
Peter Brige
Wundermax Padfolio,design works great for me. I need zipper pockets for markets gadgets, the pad pocket is cushioned and my iPad fits in the sleeve with my iPad cover with no issues. The business cards sleeves are wide enough to easily slip cards in and out of without rounding the edges of your cards. The only are of design I feel should be changed is the pen holders. They should be relocated to the center (fold area) of the padfolio where there is room for them. Trying to close and zip with pens in the sleeves makes it nearly impossible. I just put them in the fold, haven't lost one yet. Good product.
rob runyan
The portfolio arrived in a wonderful packaging and when I read this on line - I was intrigued and thought - ok....however, I totally get it. It is really nice and made me excited to open. Presentation was outstanding! The portfolio is exactly what I was looking for and will suit my work purpose really well. I was looking to place my ipad pro into this and have a simple office on the road. That is exactly what it is. The padded side lets me slide the ipad in nicely and has a Velcro closure to secure it. Additionally, the zipper pockets are great too and a place for my phone as well. A great present for myself and I would highly recommend to anyone. This would make a great present too!
I was delighted when I opened the box! This is perfect for keeping all my things together for multiple meetings and purposes. I love that it has places for credit cards/cards...I can leave my purse behind if I want to! This padfolio is very well constructed and I’m certain it will hold up for a long time. I love all the pockets and the fact that it can be used for left and right handed people. I’d highly recommend this product for anyone on the go, running around to meetings, multiple tasks, etc...Great job Wundermax!!!
It is wonderfully thought out. My husband's old book is 20yrs old and trying to find one that has enough pocket spaces, business card holders and someplace to comfortably hold his bid sheets along with sample pages was hard UNTIL NOW. Excellent quality and so much space for a contractors life.
Great value! Similar products from Coach and others are $200. This was less than $30 and the quality is outstanding. I wasn't expecting this to be as good as it is - but the reviews were good - so I purchased. This has all the features you could ask for: pen holders, biz card and credit card holders, zipper pocket and notebook. The only issue is that it is a little bulky. You don't really need much in the way of padding since most people will put it this in their briefcase. That said, great product for the money.
Eugene T Nagel
This was a replacement for a similar folio that I have had for many years. With the additional card holders, pen holders and space for my very thin tablet, it has been the best thing I have purchased this year. I would recommend this Portfolio to anyone that wants a classic and very attractive folio to take to any business meeting or gathering.
Roger A
Great portfolio! I love having a zippered one so I can stash loose papers and hide my cell phone. I like that there are three spots for pens, zipper pockets, business card slots, etc. Good quality and looks really professional. Nice touch that it came with bookmarks with sticky notes.
Mark Bernhardt
This item is beautiful & well made. The quality is much better then the pricey ones at office stores. If you want to look neat, professional & confident this is the item for you. The amount of storage in this outshines the competition. If I ever need an item that is something Wundermax offers I know I am going to go with one of their products.
Very pleased with the quality and price is great. It might be a little smaller than the one I normally purchase from Things Remembered but otherwise just as nice. I purchased this for a service awards gift for my employer. Only thing that would make it even better would be a free graved plate to go on the front. We usually get our awards from Things Remembered but their pricing has caused me to starting looking at other options. Even going to Things Remembered for the engraved plate to put on the front corner its still cheaper to buy this one.
The Portfolio is just the right size and our grandson will be using it for job interviews. There are enough pocket to hold a resume and other papers needed for an interview. It has the professional look for a true businessman or businesswoman. The perfect size is not too thick to make it bulky.
I love it! I love that it has so many pockets, so I can stay organized between school, work and my internship! If I can make one suggestion: as soon as I got it I put the notebook in a pocket, and instead put a clipboard in the notebook sleeve. Having the clipboard gives me a space to put documents that I need readily available for the week. If I could have a clipboard AND the notepad it would be perfect! I hope that this is a constructive suggestion, because I’m so excited about my very professional and thoughtfully constructed padfolio! Thank you!
I could not love it more! So roomy - I can fit everything I need in there for my busy day. There are spots for numerous pens or pencils, cards, small zipper pockets, a secure place for my device and a zipper to keep it all safe. Amazing design and lightweight. I wish I would have bought it sooner!
Denise R Seawood Lego
I do not typically write reviews, but I am absolutely amazed. The quality of this product is astounding; I am a busy homeschool mother and graduate student and this portfolio can hold absolutely everything I need for both of my roles, yet is not bulky or too heavy. I have enough space for everything! This product is high quality! I spent quite a bit of time skimming the different portfolios on amazon and I am so glad my husband bought this one for me. Wundermax is professional and has amazing customer service, you wont be disappointed.
This thing is impressive! Quality product packaged beautifully. You can tell they take a lot of pride in their product. I would have expected a much higher price tag on this item. It's holding up very well even when I toss it around my car. Will be a repeat customer if I ever need a new one.
T Kelso
I was hesitant to order something like this online because I'm incredibly picky about these kinds of items. However, I was delighted when it arrived yesterday! The quality looks great, and I love that the notepad can flip over for us 'lefties'. Highly recommended!
Stacie Harison
"5+ Stars" - Having used portfolio several weeks now, I find it is sturdy and well designed for ease of use. Excellent quality product all around. Impressed in particular with the smooth & sturdy zipper; far surpasses any product I found at chain brick and mortar, even competitors priced near double. I will definitely search future purchase needs through this supplier/manufacturer and recommend to associates.
Holley G.
I wasn’t expecting this to be of that great of quality, but I was mistaken. It is very well put together, has a good amount of space/pockets, and is a great size (it isn’t tiny, but isn’t too big either. Will fit comfortably in a briefcase). I bought this for my husband as he’s graduating from law school, and he loved it!
Great for interviews. It has the perfect amount of space to fit business cards, my ID, a credit card, keys, phone, notepad, pens, and resumes. Everything you need for a great interview.
Susan S.
Wide enough to enclose important items. Slim enough to fit nicely into a hand bag or tote without letting it get too cluttered and heavy. Zip closure now means no more wrinkled edges and coffee stains on my documents.
Love this portfolio. Fits all I need, including my galaxy tablet and sometimes when I bring a Lenovo laptop, fits both. Made very well and looks more expensive than what It costs. Other always ask me where I found it and I point them here. You will not regret this purchase..
Joe Prego
I love almost everything about my new padfolio! It's spacious, feels incredibly durable, and has plenty of pockets. It has everything I need for work. My only compliant, which is minor, is the included notepad. The cover is difficult to remove and the paper pages, while perforated, don't tear out without tearing the top of the page. I'm going to be tossing it and replacing it with something else. Other than that, it is a wonderful product!
John Penn
I bought this a few weeks back and have to say I really have been enjoying it. It looks and feels great, the leather on it is really sturdy and doesn't appear cheaply made. Plenty of space to keep your things in, and gives that professional look.