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I just got the padfolio today and so far it seems to have enough room! I searched hours for the right folio and kept coming back to this one. I’m not using it for business, but for personal items. This is going to be used to keep everything organized for planning my wedding. In the first picture is the size compared to a 5 Star notebook. I didn’t think that it was going to be that big but it’s still nice! Inside I put 2 small books 5 pieces of computer paper folded and my iPad mini without the cover (it fit with the cover but was snug) and the nice sticky notes that they give you!! The photo alone with the folio closed is the size with all of those items in it including the notebook that came with it which is also really nice. On the outside is a planner and calender notebook which is medium sized and fits well! I will update my review after I’ve had the item for awhile, and I will be using it a lot. I have an iPhone 6 and that also fit in the phone section. The folio it’s self is a little stiff but will loosen up over time. The stitches look nice and clean and the color is sharp! Everything about this binder looks professional. Overall for me it is a nice, and seems to be made to last for a long time, but we will see! I hope this helps!
I had lost my original portfolio of over 15 years and needed to replace it. I did lots of research online and found this one to be praised by lots of people. So I took the chance and ordered it. It has lots of space to organize your stuff, places for your business cards, pen etc. I especially love the slot to hold my tablet. The pad of paper is perfect and the zipper makes a nice feature to hold everything in place and not worry about loosing anything. Excellent craftsmanship, built to last. This is well designed and of great quality, stitching and good leather. I would definitely recommend anyone that is looking for a new portfolio to try the Wundermax!
It just arrived today, and I already love it! Materials look good, it is a nice dark Navy color with textured faux leather- -like some of those high-end handbags. Packaging is very nice as it comes inside a sturdy blue gift box that is also sealed in shrink wrap. Glad I shopped around Amazon, instead of paying $50 at a local office supply store for a plain, black padfolio that looks cheaper and not as nice as this. The company seems to prioritize customer satisfaction, so I hope it's a very durable product. I can't wait to start using it!!
Devin in Texas
I compared the Padfolio to quite a few others and found this one had the most features I wanted, and in the best layout for my use. I plan to use it for carrying purposes as well as on the lectern when making presentations. The layout of this portfolio will let me carry my tablet, keyboard, phone, and notes along with any other items I need for presentations, and being a zippered unit makes it great for not having anything fall out, such as my stylus. Great job!
Neil R
Fantastic piece and for the price, you can't beat it. Great customer service and follow up. Packaged so nicely that it's even ready for gift giving if you choose. Great quality and looks expensive. If you're on the fence because you don't think you can get something of such high quality for an extremely reasonable price, think again. Doesn't change my rating but I wish there were some brighter colors like purple or teal or hot pink. If they ever come out with those, I'll definitely be buying again. Don't pass this up!!!
Great product! Comes packaged in a hard, sturdy Wundermax box. The stitching is very nice as well! It provides places for business cards, cell phone, papers/ notes you need to keep handy as well as your iPad and notebook and it has 2 places for pens. I just received it and haven't had a lot of time utilizing it so my review is strictly my first impression of the product. Overall seems like a very nice, well made product and I can't wait to use it!!
I don't typically write reviews, but I had to for this. The padfolio was very sleek, elegant looking, and had many pockets that are necessary to have. Heck, if I didn't want to bring my purse to work, I could just carry this. The customer service was also one of the best that I've received. If you are going to buy a padfolio, definitely buy from this company. They are also a family owned business, which I would rather give them my business than a business that was not.
I was quite skeptical about the quality. But It ended up being a great deal for the price and I am impressed by the craftsmanship and attention to details. Zippers are what I'm usually concerned with and so far it's very smooth to close and open. I do wish there were more color choices but black is always classy. The inside red color makes it quite stylish. I use it when all I need is my MacBook and don't have to carry my backpack.
Love this padfolio, have been using it a couple of weeks now. The size is big enough that I can keep my iPad in the inside pocket and still carry a file folder with a few docs and it will still close. I do not have any complaints and would recommend to anyone looking to buy. Great price for all the features you get!
Dale F.
I’ve had many different planners from all different companies and this is by far one of the best planners I’ve ever used. This is definitely the most stylish. It has many different pockets, business card holders and enough space for an iPad to carry. I love this planner so much that I’ve bought one for my team member and he loves it as well.
Daniel Hwang
Five Stars! I am searching for employment, so decided I should get a portfolio so as to look professional during interviews. I chose the navy blue. There is a sturdy metal zipper which closes the portfolio. The inside has pockets and a removable notepad. There are dark red accents, which are both attractive and tasteful and add to their professional look of the product. It is a quality product which will make me feel more confident going into interviews. I highly recommend it.
I picked this up for work in order to carry my paperwork and other documents that I need to carry in my day to day and for the most part I love it. This is great because it is slim, soft, and looks really good. The only problem that I have with this padfolio is that the folder is really hard to put papers in and the clip get in the way of putting papers in. Other than that the leather has held up and actually after getting my padfolio my coworkers decided to get padfolios as well.
I bought this portfolio to fit in my mac air and ipad, it came right in time. The design is exquisite, and it can hold both of my device. It is quick neat to stuff all of my work stuff in a compact holder like this one when I travel. The notebook also came in handy and I do not have to bring extra bags and papers! Just love it.
Max Ma
Overall, I am very satisfied with the Portfolio. The leather is well constructed and having a writing pad along with post-its, separates this portfolios from other companies that don't add extras. On the down side it doesn't seem to accomodate too many 8-1/2x 11 papers in the inside pockets. So, I have to just place on top of the notepad. However, will probably look into buying other products from this Company.
Jacqueline R.
It’s a little heavier than I imagined but it’s good quality for the price! It looks professional when I bring to meetings and carries my surface pro, business cards, notebook, cell phone and plenty of other things no problem. I’m happy with it!
Lauren Olevitch
I plan to use my new padfolio mainly for work but also possible school projects. It very well made and constructed. The ability to use the writing pad for either left or right handed was definitely an added selling point for me.
Kevin C. Miller
The blue was vibrant and outlined inn red threading giving it an executive look. It stands out from an ordinary black/brown portfolio you see in the office. The quality is great and I recommend it to anyone in an office setting looking to stay organized and up their game!
Torre M. Escott
It was nice to find a good quality portfolio that is professional but not boring black. I like the fabric and stitching color combination. The pockets are useful, and it is indeed slim. I can fit a thin folder of papers and my spiral notebook.
Was shocked with how good the quality was for the price. It matches my company colors so I look very professional going on meetings. Only down side is that after the tablet, there isn't room for much more than the pad of paper. I only use this for presentations and meetings, for normal use I have a case that will hold the charger and mouse for my surface. Overall, I recommend.
Emily L.
Never have I found such good quality portfolio for this price. Upon receiving the package I immediately opened it and the box that came with the item already gave a very good first impression. Along with this are other freebies that weren't merely additions to the package. They're actually very useful. I was even hoping it was available for purchase! Very smart! The portfolio's sleeve was spaced just right. I was able to slide my tablet very easily, and secure it properly without having to mind it from sliding out. The pocket with the window made it easy for me to check my phone for any notifications without having to actually pull it out from the pocket. Now all my important cards are in the card holders. It's also very easy to store the business cards and not misplace them.Now I don't need to worry about misplacing all these small essentials because it's held together in my portfolio.
Di Sun
I am really impressed with this portfolio. Not only is it practical the color and design is very impressive. I like that a left hand or right hand person can use it. I am constantly taking it from my hubby to use although I bought it for him. I will def order more.
Raquel Foreman
Love it!!!! Excellent product. Very durable looks amazing and feels nice in your hand. Very stylish and professional. Great way to stay organized. Pouch fits iPad Pro 10.5 with Apple Smart Keyboard + Apple Pencil. Absolutely AWESOME!
Was shocked with how good the quality was for the price. It matches my company colors so I look very professional going on meetings. Only down side is that after the tablet, there isn't room for much more than the pad of paper. I only use this for presentations and meetings, for normal use I have a case that will hold the charger and mouse for my surface. Overall, I recommend.
Emily M.
Really well made product. Not only is the design stylish and professional, the leather is soft and of good quality. The wallet and bookmark is also a nice touch. The padfolio enables me to stay organised and I don't drop my loose papers while running to and from meetings. highly recommended :)
Charleen Tong
I'm usually skeptical when buying leather products online but I was pleasantly surprised when I received this portfolio! Build quality is great and looks really good and professional too.
I’m hoping this will work carrying my calendar and notepad and everything else for field based social work. I like that’s it a little bigger than a usual padfolio and not the boring black leather.
Meghan Q.
This is exactly what I wanted. It has so many pockets to keep things organized. It’s a little bit taller and thicker than I would have liked for portability but it seems pretty durable.
Sammie Werner
This product really meet my expectations and i will recommend 100%. Also I am very happy with the customers service and I will purchase for them again.
Julio A Urbina Rivera
I love this portfolio! Loving the shades of blue and red that can go for men and women alike. Definitely stands out! Great quality too! Strong zipper and ipad pro can fit it too.
I love it! It's one of the nicest portfolios I have ever owned. It's sturdy and I particularly like that it is a grained leather so it won't show scratches. I'm very pleased with this purchase.
Sandra J Lerner
It fits my lifestyle so well, I couldn't help but think it was custom made for me. It has a pocket for my mobile phone, my cables, my folders, my ID, etc. Stylish way to organize my things.
Bill F
Bought this as a 3rd year anniversary gift for my husband, who will be graduating from grad school in the spring. This portfolio was a perfect gift! Quality made and very professional looking. Has room for tons of items!
Exactly what I was looking for. Love the slightly larger size. Seems very tough/durable so far. Also great to have a portfolio not in the boring standard black.
Awesome portfolio and interesting bonus bookmarks! Highly recommended to anybody who's looking through Amazon in search for the best documents binder. It's this portfolio!
Junyi Ma