Doorstopper reviews

Reviews of customers that bought our doorstoppers

I liked them very much. I'm using them as a security measure for my doors. A few months ago, I was in a business meeting in a hotel when a drunk man kept trying to open my door very forcibly. I was so scared and obviously I called front desk and they sent security personnel to remove the man. He was so drunk he was in the wrong wing of the hotel. My work partners told me to get a door stopper and I should always travel with it and put in beneath the door. That way, no one could enter my room no matter what, so I did. Since I got 3, I'm using 2 of them at my home, one in the front door and the other on the back door. I believe this works better than any locks we may have in our doors. That's an idea for you to promote them also as security features. Thanks to you I feel safer now! Thanks!!!
Maria E. Gonzalez
Sometimes it can be difficult to find a good door stopper. I ever glad I "stumbled" upon the Wundermax Decorative Door Stopper. First off, they shipped very quickly and the price was quite reasonable for the three pack. Secondly, they look nice. I don't know that any of us would call a door stopper elegant, but as far as door stoppers go, they look really nice. Most importantly, they work well. Because of the type of rubber used, the shape and the construction they truly grip the door and will hold any door tightly. And last, the (included) little self-stick wall hanger (for when the door stopper is not in use) is really a neat extra. I am employed as the building manager of the large elementary school and the Wundermax Decorative Door Stopper will most certainly be my stopper of choice for the rest of this facility.
Neil Carlberg
Used two to make one excellent front door JAM. Needed protection front door kicking intruders. Combo problem of Door height over floor & slick wood floor. Solved by trimming contact cementing two trimmed door stops as shown. Thicker end must be on top. Result - runner jams door to help delay home break long enough to call 911 and prepare security.
B. Dutcher
As a teacher, I need to be out in the hallway between periods. You don't want your door shut if you are not in it. Trust me,As a teacher in an old, rundown school with unpredictable heating issues, having the door open can mean the difference between freezing or baking to death. Literally. Not joking. Sometimes in the same day.Little wooden wedges don't last long so I was looking for an elegant solution.These do the trick nicely.Light and constructed of rubber, they grip the linoleum and asbestos floor tiles like nobody's business. And our doors are the heavy metal with the wired glass inset...not light panel doors. After a month or so, I am still on the first stopper. It holds up like a champ.If you are looking for a stopper that can hold a heavy door all day long, look no further.And it even comes with a 3M command strip and plastic holder so you can store it near the door.
Doc Martin
Kerri Smith
These doorstops have been a godsend. As funny as that sounds, as a teacher who likes to leave her door open - and sometimes has to because of air quality - having a doorstop that actually stops the heavy classroom door from closing itself halfway through a lesson is a wonderful thing. Anything and everything is a distraction-waiting-to-happen with bouncy, energetic sixth graders; having a door close on its own always disrupts the learning environment.Having a set of three means that when a middle schooler of mine decides to be helpful and ends up losing the doorstop, I have two more to pick from.I would reorder these in a heartbeat if I ever needed another doorstop. They are the perfect size and quality for my needs.
Valerie Brooks
Wow!! I love these door stoppers! I bought them to replace the door stoppers at work. They were probably 10 years old and did not hold well. I was always running into the door handle that stuck out because the door would slide throughout the day. I had to use two (one on top of the other) for one of the doors so it's great that they came in a three pack. Worth every penny!!
Tamara Renne
I purchased these to use with my daiggter’s Communication device and they are amazing!! Her device must be at the perfect angle and these doorstops allo me to put them under the back and I can adjust the angle due to the varying degree of rise on the doorstops. The holder make it perfect to carry them right on the back of her device and the heavy-duty rubber keeps it from slipping!! Thanks for helping my daughter communicate!!!
Amazon Customer
This is a very nice set of door stops. Great design, good looking, very nice gray color and works on all surfaces in my house (rugs, wood, tile). A nice feature is a little white holder that you can stick on the door or molding that holds the door stop when not in use. I mounted one at the bottom of the door and another on some molding behind a curtain. Nice way to not loose your door stop when not in use.
Keith Phillips
We love these doorstopper. Sleek, good grip and easy enough for even my 3 year old to wedge in the door with no worries of it not being secure enough. Great product!! Also my ten year old uses one to keep her bedroom door closed when she is in their. Due to the house shifting her door won’t latch and her siblings would burst in. She has fake would laminate flooring so if I push hard enough I can move it a few inches then pull the door back towards me and it’ll be release the door stopper. The kids haven’t figured that out though and they can’t oush it open. Unintended purpose but that has been great.
These are the best door stoppers ever! I bought 3 six packs of the gray door stoppers for work. We have about an inch or less Gap between the bottom of the door and the floor and they fit perfect. They work well on both carpet and tile. They are attractive and the holder is awesome. I couldn't be more pleased!
I am very pleased with these door stoppers. Because of the shape, they are easy to wedge under the door, and hold in place. Much better than the solid kind. The holders are a great idea too! I have one stuck on the door frame just inside my laundry room. Perfect - always right there when I want it! I travel a lot, and am packing one to take with me as a security device in hotels.
Caroline V
Love that there are holders for the door stops included with this product. The holder has an adhesive strip on it so you can put them on the wall or door for when you're not using the stop. I tested door stop with our heavy glass and metal office door on slick laminate flooring and the door didn't move. Decided to place the holder on the wall because I was concerned that the cold metal frame of the door would cause the adhesive to fail.
Angie A
I bought these to use on our front door, our back french doors and our bedroom door. We live in Florida, so during the some of the fall, most of the winter and some of the spring when we are able to open up the house, the breeze can be pretty intense and can slam doors quite easily. These work with doors that open onto tile, wooden floors and carpet because their rubberized material keeps them in place on any surface. Not to mention the handy holder that you can stick on the bottom of the door so when you are not using them, you will NOT LOSE THEM, like we have done in the past. If I had additional doors to keep open, I would buy more.
Lary C
Kathi S
First of all, my classroom door is of HEAVY wood and self closing. I've had a very difficult time finding a stopper that works. But THIS one does! So many of my colleagues were asking where I got the "awesome doorstopper". I wrote down the name Wundermax about 15 times today. I love the door stopper holder as well. Put it right on the bottom of my door. No more looking down the halls for my stoppers! Very solid material and very well constructed item. Obviously, I HIGHLY recommend it.'
Shery B
These door stops are very nifty. I purchased them to use in my lab--I have heavy doors and tile floors and the stoppers easily hold the doors open. Also, I love the "holders" that can be attached to any surface that will keep your stopper off the floor. It is always annoying to have to hunt around for your door stoppers and now you can always find them. Couldn't be happier!
Kelly Mitchell
I live in an old house with very heavy solid wood doors. The door going from the kitchen to the dining room is a swinging door that looks great but can be a pain when having a formal dinner. I have ceramic tile on the kitchen floor and have tried many different door stoppers with mixed results. Usually need a door stopper & a brick to hold the door open. These little guys really work! Holds the ten foot swinging door without any slippage. Love it!
Lianne S
they work on our regular doors and also on the sliding doors of the motor home so they don't bang while we are driving. Some you have to wiggle because they are on hard wood and the door is hung for carpet but the still work nice and the dog does not bother them and we put them in doors we want to keep the dog out of just on the outside of the door.
Candice Abu
Great door-stoppers! Just as advertised - pull the door over the 'bump' and the door stays open. Easily goes back over the bump if you decide to close the door; handy holder included! We have one door that has an extra large opening at the bottom & just as suggested, doubling the door-stoppers (one on top of the other) addressed our problem immediately! As these are a flexible rubber there are no more hurt toes on iron door openers!
Petra L
I needed something to keep doors from slamming when using my whole house fan. These work great. Love that they store on the door they are needed for. No hunting for things to keep the door open, suitcase, laundry basket, pair of shoes.
Lynne Miles
These work great. They're wider than the generic ones I had gotten at the hardware store and so grip the floor better. Wind flowing thru my condo when the windows are open in th summertime tends to blow various doors shut with a bang. They also look much nicer than the hardware store ones! They come with white tips for the thin end which could be useful in some situations, but I didn't need to use them.
I really like these. The doorstop has its own holder which sticks to the door so it's out of the way when I don't need it, and keeping the door under control. They're also soft, easy to handle, but don't get squished under the door.Two out of the three are perfect for their purpose, and the only reason #3 didn't work was because I didn't measure the door gap.
Jill H
First off, how can you ask for a better deal than getting 3 doorstoppers for roughly the price of one? The answer is you can't, at least not ones that are made of solid rubber, easily cleaned with just water and a bit of soap if necessary, and also come with a convenient peel off sticky in the back, so you can hang it up when not in use. It was a pain to find an inexpensive but durable doorstop and finding this one with its additional bonus of having a way to not lose it when it's not in use is a blessing.
Valerie West
I am disabled in multiple ways. These door stops are the perfect solution. The door stop is stored higher up for me, and it is stored on the DOOR. I can grab it so easy in my wheelchair. I use it for heavy doors, exterior and entior and all is great now. I can have inside and outside doors opened and allow the fresh air to blow through the house without doors slamming and scaring me half to death. Those who have seen these door stops want to buy them immediately.
Douglas Howey
These are just as handsome as pictured. I actually needed a doorstopper that would prevent the knob from banging into the wall, and I preferred not to nail or screw a protector to the wall. By reversing the ramp so the tall end faces the door, it bounces off at a safe distance from the wall I could't achieve using the ramp side. This is a very versatile doorstop.
Loren S. Miller
Great doorstoppers! Never thought I'd submit that to a public forum but seriously, theses things are awesome. The 3m tape is NOT easily removable (just an FYI) but having the doorstop mounted is one of the most pleasing things to my clutter hating heart. The stopper itself lives up to its name, keeping my heavy apartment door at bay when I'm lugging in groceries, wheeling in our bikes, or airing out the joint. Would definitely recommend.
The door stops seem nice and sturdy. I haven't used the adhesive yet, but that was an added benefit that I didn't realize came along with them. The door I use them on is ridiculously higher than normal and putting two stops back-to-back is the perfect solution. Would definitely recommend.
These work very well. They don't slide around and I like the little pocket to put them in, These are wonderful door stoppers. I live in an apt building where we are not allowed to do anything to damage the door itself, so I couldn't put in a spring that would hold the doo open, or a kick stand. I need to be able to go in and out with my small electric cart. These stoppers work fine. Service was excellent and sellers were willing to help at any time I needed it.
Christina R Bjornstad
These stoppers are solid and very functional, they also look nice with the mounting bracket, mounted on the inside of my doors. I just wish I had measured the gap as they instructed. Some of my doors have a wider gap between the bottom of the door and the floor. But, they're suggestion to use two when this occurs works well. Thus I gave them 5 stars since that was on me.
I had previously bought a door stop to keep my basement door propped open for my cat (who loves to nudge it shut). But because I have a tile floor, it just slipped with ease and didn't really work. I decided to try again with these and they worked great! It fits snug under the door and doesn't slide at all, even with a firm tug. So really happy with this stopper.
Kris Smith
This is amazing! We have doors at school that need to be propped and we couldnt find door stoppers that work with our tile until now! I love these. plus they look cooler compared to a normal door stopper
These work great holding doors open and I love the holder. So far crazy puppy hasn't tried to grab them out of the holder yet, though it's easy enough for a preschooler. Word to the wise, use a level or door seam to ensure they are straight, the glue doesn't allow repositioning
It's a doorstop. It does what it's supposed to, and keeps the door open when I want it to. I use to use this comma looking doorstop that I picked up somewhere, but I like that I don't have to bend down to place this one (I have balance issues). I can place it using just my foot, and also remove it. The three pack means that I can also use two on opposite sides of the door to keep it half open.
I live in a condo where the entry door automatically closes which can make bringing groceries and package a hassle. This door stop has a holder that easily attaches to the door and allows easy use of the actual stop. It is fast, cheap option that ends the hassle of fighting to keep my door open.
H. Blackmoon
It’s a great door stop...stays in place and holds the door. But the best part is the way Wundermax designed them to pair up for larger spaces, which is what I needed. Finding a door stop higher than 1” was next to impossible, but Wundermax had it covered. As a bonus, their communication and customer service is amazing. Highly recommend!
Bryan Wheeler
Absolutely love this purchase, and the free door holders are genius. It's such a simple yet effective way to make this product stand out!! Will be recommending this to everyone, plus I appreciate that it doesn't just look like a boring, brown doorstop. Well done, Wundermax! Been using for a week and a half now, and it works as expected. Primarily use this on tile or concrete flooring, since I don't have need for it in the carpeted area of our home.
Russell M. Aaron
This is no ordinary door-stopper. Had a problem with other stops holding open a pretty heavy glass door and this one works like a charm. It's got a great design and really like the convenient storage clip. Will be purchasing several more.
Danbury Fred
I just set my commercial doors open using my new stoppers. I did have to double stack for a couple of the doors, so I was glad to have ordered enough. I am trying double stack 2 ways, to see which way works better. I flipped the bottom one around as it has ridges on it and I think it will grab the concrete better. I did put the holders on the door frames, but we'll see if the staff uses them to keep the floor clear for vacuuming!! So far so good.
Julie J
It's just a door stop but it's a good one. We use it at the shop with heavy commercial doors and it's better than the old styles. I have received two emails since purchasing making sure I knew how to use it and providing "tips". Not spam, genuine concern. These people are really enthusiastic about their door stops! We will buy more.
I bought these for my high school daughters backpack! I think if there is ever a school shooting she can shove these under the doors in whatever classroom she’s in and help stop a shooter from entering the classroom even if they shoot out the lock. It’s super sad we as parents even have to think about this, but that’s the world we live in.
Jenny Hamilton
Having a holder for the doorstop that i can stick to the back corner of the door is super convenient. These aren't eye sores, and have low profiles - for doors with larger gaps btwn the floor and door, just stack 2 of these together, works perfectly!
These are great!! I have a shoe rack on my closet door which causes the door to constantly close due to the heaviness. Not a good thing since my cat loves going in and out of the closet!! I used to use shoes as a door stop to avoid the door closing but it just looked messy. These are very nicely structured with a very sleek and clean look. I'm happy with this purchase.
I LOVE these doorstops. I love that they are stackable - one of our doors gets a higher gap in the winter, so this is needed. I also have used these for other purposes. In one room my LED TV is positioned where the overhead light glares on the screen. I used two of these to slightly tip the TV so now no glare!
K. Burleski
I have really big gaps underneath the doors, so a single door stop is not high enough. I love the fact I can use 2 and it works perfectly. It easily span the distance and holds the door. The holders sits perfectly on the door and within easy reach.
Rober Jacobson
Especially appreciated the ability to hang the door stop up off the floor and its being available for use. Very nice stops, sturdy and I love the bright color - easy to see and much more difficult to step on accidentally, thereby eliminating slips and falls due to tripping on them. They work well and look good.
Gloria Goodman
If you want a doorstop that secures the door well, does not damage the bottom of the door and is easy to find when you need it, this is the one to buy! The doorstop is soft, but sturdy, with a low profile. A discreet holder attaches to the door or wall for storage. Perfect!
N. J. Mc
These are great! Love the little "don't lose it" hanger that is included. Reason I am ordering more is that I lost all the other ones I had! Ordered 8, now ordering 8 more. Lots of doors, and they also work great for windows.
S. Langston
These are perfect for my use. They can be easily moved around and do not harm the door or the wood on the floor because they are rubber. They can either be attached permanently or not. Highly recommend these.
I purchased these door stops for the elementary school I work at. While they were too narrow for the underside of the original doors I purchased them for, I was able to use them for classroom doors. They grip tight and do not slide away. Fantastic product! I would definitely order these again! Be sure to measure the gap at the bottom of your door prior to purchasing.
Dianne Vargo
I ordered the 3 pack gray and it came well packaged. The doorstoppers are well made and very durable. I would definitely recommend if you have tile flooring (I used it on tile, but it probably also works on carpet)!
I just moved into a new classroom in a brand new school building. The dominant color in the room is gray, so when I saw these, I thought, “Perfect!” I didn’t even realize they came with the little holder. I was able to share the two extras with a couple of colleagues. Several other teachers wanted to know where we’d gotten them. They do a great job of holding a very heavy door.
Pam Garret
Wundermax Doorstops are high-quality doorstops that generate enough friction to hold a door open on a smooth tiled floor. I tried the old brown ones that have been around for years but they easily slip on a tiled floor.
Michael Ferari
I have a heavy front door for my apartment, and I used these while moving. They worked great and held up well, highly recommend! The door hangers (that store the stopper behind the door) were a nice addition.
Dylan Reichstadt
I use this product for a few doors in a home we own in Maui. With strong Kona winds at time, the magnitized floor stops do not hold each and every door secure. This product works as advertised and prevents the accidental slamming and damage to a door, jam or glass. I highly recommend this product.
I was looking for white door stops and found these on Amazon, Amazon has everything, they were perfect and look so much better than the brown ones with my white tile floor .. they are very sturdy and there are a couple ways you can use them .. they have a peel and stick option that i did not use, i just needed the traditional door stop .. i use them for a french door that leads to a bedroom so i leave it open when not in use .. i love them, so much more attrative than the brown .. and they work great..
Jamie Hai
Couple doors that won’t stay open due to hinge problems. This did the trick. White doors & white door stops look so nice instead of the utility brown or black. The adhesive holder on back of door insures it won’t get lost!
Pat V
After reading about all the door stops that seem to slide around, I can confirm that this one does its job! I have two heavy office doors with pneumatic returns and this door stop stays in place. The flooring in our offices is carpet but this door stop seems grippy enough for any surface. Drop it on the floor, let the door slide into it, and it doesn't move at all.
William T. Pepoon
These door stoppers are great, and they're not ugly like most door stoppers. They work so well my pit bull can't push the door open anymore, thank goodness. I also love that they come with a little storage holder so they don't get lost when you're not using them.
Sam Jane
This is a terrific doorstop. I have a very heavy door that it holds very well. I have another door that is flush with a high threshold, but is about 2.5 inches from the floor when open. I stacked two of these up and they held that door perfectly. Easy to use, easy to store, and even easy to clean. Nicely done!
Ladi Di
Nice sleek design and lightweight with good grip. The little holder that sticks to your door is nice so it doesn't get kicked around and lost. Make sure your door to floor isn't more than a 1 inch gap because it is low profile.
Sharon Annie
Great doorstop that is minimalist, looks modern, and does what is intended. I got this for a carpeted room and it works great, and I LOVE the little holder that makes it so you can attach this to the door itself. Great idea as I never have a good place to put a door stop. I bought the gray so that wear doesn't show as much.
Edward Cantu II
This door stop works great! I'm a teacher and we have tile floors, heavy wooden doors with spring loaded closers on them. I've tried every shape of wooden block and lots of DIY door stops with limited success. I finally broke down and shelled out a few bucks for the Wundermax door stop and I couldn't be more satisfied. It works great! I even like the hanger for when it's not in use. It gives me peace of mind that it's not going to get lost.
Jeff Smith
These door stoppers are awesome. We stack two on top of each other and it works great. I like the option of the holder that sticks to the back of the door that they came with, although I haven't used it yet. I am very pleased with this purchase.
Rebeca Robberts
Each doorstoppper came with individidual hanging compartment which I thought would keep organiziation and make sure doorstop is in two locations, on the door or on the hanging stores-away. Great item. Allows you to double stack for doors with more gap too.
Wi Wang
These doorstops work great! I have 2 cats who love to close doors that I need open and these doorstops do the trick. I also like how they come with a stick on holder to keep behind the door. Having 3 in a pack is an awesome deal!
Wendy A