Our mission at Wundermax is to deliver a range of high-quality products that fulfil all of our customers’ needs and expectations. We prioritise customer happiness by providing excellent customer service with durable products and pride ourselves on being able to effectively solve any problems our customers face! At Wundermax we accommodate for each customer’s individual preference by offering a colourful range of options for our Door Stoppers and a unique selection of sophisticated Padfolios. We want to make daily life easier and our unique and high-quality products are our way of helping!

We express this sentiment through charitable works by donating hundreds of our products to schools and charities each month. Not everyone has an equal opportunity at success and we want to change that by giving students free padfolios to increase their organisation and establish their professional identity. The door stoppers we donate also act as added safety in schools and help make day to day life just that little bit easier.


At Wundermax we are entrepreneurs and expansion is a big part of our vision. To further our established success, we plan to expand out of the U.S and have aspirations of accessing the global market. Our ambition and shared values in social responsibility have created a powerful team in the drive for success. We hope you can help us on our journey!

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